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Who is P3ssPlay?

 Pr3ssPlay Poets is an all-female poetry, spoken word and theatrical performance collective and production company committed to blending art and language to inspire, stimulate, and cultivate the community through accessible, multi-disciplinary performances and workshops while providing fine arts experiences.

Founded in Oakland, CA in 2013 by writers Audacious IAM, Chanel Timmons and Shampale while attending and meeting in the Mills College Masters of Fine Art Program in Poetry; Pr3ssPlay Poets deemed it to be a necessity to contribute their art and talents to the community with intentions to provide a space for healing, identity exploration, social justice and more.

The Pr3ssPlay Poetry Collective consists of writers and performing artists Audacious IAM, Chanel Timmons, Shampale and its dynamic and newest member Uni Q Mical (All recent Mills College MFA Graduates).

Pr3ssPlay Poets @Queer Fashion Week Oakland, CA 

The Writers - The Poets - The Artists
Audacious IAM (Co-founder, Writer, Artist) Her revolutionary style of poetry and spoken word leaves every audience feeling uplifted and empowered. Audacious works has many times been named ?infectious, bold and daring?. Growing up in Ruleville, Mississippi, she discovered through life's hurdles that there is power in words.  She is the founder of Audaciously Speaking, which is dedicated to change and regeneration through spoken word.  She is the author of the Award Winning book I Can Make Walls Talk which was named best literary work of 2010 by The Legacy of Success Foundation. Current Spoken Word Educator at Oakland School for the Arts.

Chanel Timmons (Co-founder, Writer, Artist) Chanel prides her art on being a deviation from most rules and expectations. Born and raised in the bay area, she has a bit of home-grown rebellion flowing through her veins that leaks out in mellow doses. When the times demand for poets to write about loud revolution, count on her to be writing about that one hushed moment you thought you forgot in the middle of the chaos. Poetic stories on life blurred in between the lines of dirty made beautiful: she?s all about it. Chanel has three chapbooks currently available about love, sex, rage, seduction, loss and how to improperly handle it all.

Shampale Fenessa (Co-founder, Writer, Artist) Shampale Fenessa is the author of Alphabet Love. She is published in Souls of My Young Sisters, a collection of essays about empowerment for women by women. Shampale attended undergrad at Voorhees College, a private historically black college (HBCU) where she reigned as Miss Voorhees College 2009-2010 and a graduate of the Mills College MFA Program (2013). She is a middle school English teacher.

 UniQ. Mical/pronounced "Unique My-Kell" (Writer and Artist) UniQ is a wryter, MC. and excyter who aims to keep it hyper from Baltimore, MD. She has performed for 12 years, featuring at venues & conferences throughout the DMV, Philadelphia, NYC, Western Massachusetts, Austin, Atlanta, Havana, Cuba, & now, here in The Bay. Her poetry is shaped in nuanced narratives, which usually embody the voices of communities she exists in (QT/POC, low-income, hybrid identities, untold family histories). Uni Q. Mical is a recent graduate of the Mills College MFA Program and a graduate from Hampshire College (2009). 


A Works In Progress Script - Poetic Stage Production

Written by: Pr3ssPlay ? Directed by: Mona Webb © 2015 


Hosted by: Sonya Renee Taylor

Full Length Viewings:

June 2017 at Eastside Arts Alliance 

Oakland, CA - Sold Out Event 

February 22, 2015 @Eastside Arts Alliance 

Oakland, CA - Sold Out Event 

May 232015 @La Pena Cultural Center

Berkeley, CA - Sold Out Event


Excerpt Viewings: 

March 6, 2015 @BettiOno Gallery         

1st Friday Art Murmur/Through Our Lens Photography Exhibition

Oakland, CA 

March 15, 2015 @Oakland is Proud Block Party

50th Year Anniversary for The Black & Chicano Arts Movement 

Oakland, CA

April 25, 2015 @777 O?Farrel Art Gallery                                      

So Far To Go Art Exhibition with Priya Handa                                  

San Francisco, CA

June 7, 2015 @Eastside Art Alliance                                          

Artist Showcase                                                                                  

Oakland, CA

July 182015 @SOMArts                                                                    

Night Lights Annual Artist Garden Party and Exhibition              

San Francisco, CA 

September 7, 2015 @Humanist Hall                              

Revolve2015 - Oakland Pride Festival                                      

Oakland, CA