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Tim'm West, Contributing Writer. 

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Blues Arrival: Stories of the Queer Black South and Migration (Anthology) 

Blues Arrival is compilation of stories that examine the recent migrations of 21st Century Queer Black people from the South seeking liberation in self-identification and expression while celebrating truth and power.

 "Inspired by my personal experiences while growing up in the Mississippi Delta and having to negotiate my identity, religion and my community, Blues Arrival shares stories of struggle, migration and truth"  -Audacious IAM


Contributing Writers and Artist:

Tre Amos, Tennessee 

P.D. Battle, Georgia 

Robyn Brooks, Maryland

Orlando Taylor, Missouri 

Romaro "RollingwitRo" Spivey, Mississippi

Ahmunet Jessica Jordan, Maryland

Dr. Ajuan M. Mance, Florida

Tim'm T. West, Arkansas

Unique Mical Robinson/Uni Q Mical, Maryland

Dazien Grego, Georgia

Whitney Dean, Maryland

Vernon Keeve III, Virginia

Aisha "A.I." White, Texas

Brandon L. Jackson, Texas


presented at The 2016 National Queer Arts Festival 2016 Grant Recipient with The Queer Cultural Center 

(San Francisco, California) 

Additional Funders: 

Poets & Writers (Los Angelos, California) 

The National Endowment for the Arts (California)